Rug Cleaning

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Are the rugs in your home looking bland and “lived on”? Well you just hit the rug lottery!
At Donald Duct & Steam we take excellent care of your rug cleaning Houston. We are the destination for your oriental rug cleaning Houston.

Rug Cleaning Houston – Our Proces

  • A duster beats the rug before it is power vacuumed. This removes up to 79% of animal hair, dust, bugs and allergens.
  • Specially formulated detergents and clean clear water is used on each so that it is as clean as the day you bought it, front and back.
  • We pay extra special attention to the fringe will be given special attention.
  • After a nice shampooing each rug is rinsed with cool clean water to remove even more persistent particles.
  • We send your rug through a machine that gives it a final rinse and removes excess water.
  • Before a thorough drying room, both the pile and fringe of your favorite is hand groomed, meaning we use a special brush to remove any last bit of animal hair and other particles.
  • We use a heat and humidity controlled environment to thoroughly dry your rug.
  • We check to see if there is still any leftover particles or hair.
  • If necessary we repeat all or part of the process to ensure a clean rug.
  • We repeat only processes that are safe for the rug to go through more than once.
  • We are above all gentle and we make sure your rug remains the way you had it, only fresh and clean.
  • You receive a beautifully clean rug free of dirt, dust, animal hair, pollutants and allergens.


Rug Cleaning Houston – Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied return the rug. Give us one chance to make it right. After all, nobody is perfect although we try to be close.
We address the issue with the rug by whatever process is necessary. You receive the rug again. If you are still unhappy we issue a full refund. Refunds are 100% up to $1,000. We return your rug.
That is how sure we are about our rug cleaning Houston at Donald Duct & Steam. We know we are the best so we can guarantee our work with pride.

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