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There are few things you can do to the interior or exterior of your home that will breathe as much new life into its appearance like painting it will. Whether it is an exterior painting project you need help with, you plan to repaint a single room, or you need interior painting services, we can help you at Donald’s Remodeling Services.

Signs Your Interior or Exterior Could Use New Paint

When painted by a professional and well maintained, your paint can last anywhere between five and 10 years. However, there are some situations when you will need a new paint job that fall below that time frame. A few signs your interior or exterior could use a new coat of paint would be:

  • Your paint no longer matches your interior or exterior design;
  • You make drastic changes to other home features, such as cabinetry, flooring or landscaping;
  • Your paint is cracked, stained, chipped or peeling; and
  • Your walls or exterior have sustained water or fire damage.

Professional Painting Services We Offer
Any exterior painting job or interior painting job should be done by a professional to ensure the proper prep work is done beforehand and the paint goes on properly to last as long as possible, and you can always trust us for that. Beyond the usual paint job for your home, we offer specialized painting services with certain techniques and designs, painting during renovation and remodeling projects, and much more.

While painting is one of the most common DIY tasks, it really is a better idea if repainting is handled by a true professional. Reach out to us at Donald’s Remodeling Services for more information about our interior painting services or exterior painting service offerings.

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