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The flooring in your home sets the stage for its overall design, so it should be rightfully maintained, replaced, and upgraded as needed. At Donald’s Remodeling Services, we are dedicated to making sure your flooring needs are met in your Houston home, whether you want tile, hardwood, or carpet. We can help with flooring repair, flooring replacement, and new flooring installation.


Signs Your Flooring Needs to Be Replaced
Because your flooring makes such a huge impact on the overall design of your home, it occasionally needs to be replaced. Stained or frayed carpet, cracked or discolored wood flooring, or broken ceramic tile can all compromise the value and appearance of your interior.



A few signs your flooring should be replaced include:
  • Your flooring does not match your overall design goals
  • Your flooring is causing problems with allergies, such as old and dusty carpet
  • Your flooring has obvious signs of discoloration, such as dark spots on hardwood flooring
  • You are remodeling the rest of the house
Flooring Services We Offer
We have the skilled installers and the experience necessary to handle all of your home flooring projects in Houston.


We can:
  • Make flooring recommendations based on your home and interior design
  • Mend or repair damaged or stained flooring
  • Replace outdated carpet, tile, hardwood or laminate
Overall, the type and condition of your home flooring are highly important factors. If you need help with flooring repair or flooring installation, contact us at Donald’s Remodeling Services in Houston.
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