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Donald’s Remodeling Services should be your one-stop shop for all types of drywall repair, both replacement and painting. We offer several services; whether it is a crack in your wall or total water damage, we can restore your wall back to its glorious days. At Donald’s Remodeling Services, we have a team of professionals who understand that attention to detail, precise craftsmanship and artistry are the keys to a successful drywall replacement.

Regular repair and maintenance of your drywall are the only way to keep it looking as good as you. Therefore, if you have some drywall repair tasks, pick up the phone and contact us. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Some common causes of drywall damage include:

  • Moisture, causing damage to the drywall
  • Wear and tear
  • Damage from mice
  • Cracks forming due to the settling

We are also capable of handling professional drywall painting both on the interior or the exterior. Our professionals have worked on a number of painting jobs in Houston. From single rooms to entire houses, we have handled them all. Our team has experience handling special sheetrock rock designs. We understand that to have a beautiful home, high-quality painting is critical.

Our experience, professionalism and the excellence of our craftsmanship separate us from the rest. No job is ever too small or too big for our experts to handle. We commit ourselves to completing all projects within the set timeline to avoid inconveniencing our clients. When you allow us into your home, we treat it with respect just as we would our own homes.

We have years of experience, and we can comfortably say that we have fixed it all. If you have a problem with your drywall, pick up the phone and call us today for a free estimate.

Special sheetrock design

Some people will use drywall and sheetrock, but actually sheetrock is a brand of drywall. Sheetrock panels usually come in a number of thicknesses, and they are used to partition the inside of a home. There are different varieties of sheetrock whose use depend on the location of the wall panel. Sheetrock panels offer a more cost-effective way to partition a building and comes in unique special Sheetrock design. There are endless designs for your ceiling using sheetrock, your imagination and creativity are your limits.

At Donald’s Remodeling Services, we have the resources, man power, and expertise to bring your dreams into a reality. Give us a call today for a chance to work with the experts.

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