Outstanding service. Donald duct & steam really knows what they are doing. We recently had them come out for a cleaning and they were completely honest with the service. They provided pictures to show us the bacteria growing in the duct work and what needed to happen in order to clear it. I also contacted a friend of the family that owns an environmental company before proceeding in regards to service and pricing. The environmental company was impressed with the type of service, chemicals used and the price! Very impressed with this service.
Outstanding service. They were professional, courteous,effincint and knew what they were doing. I had a bird nest in my dryer vent. They had a hard time removing it but thanks to there deligence and hard work my dryer vent is clear. DONALD DUCT & STEAM ARE REAL PROFESSIONAL
William Barber Cypress Texas
We have old house, and we have mold problem. I called Donald Duct, they came the next day and worked until the job was done, explain to me some stuff to avoid the problem in the future. In fact i was so pleased with their work that i gave them to clean my carpets also.
Elizabeth L Thornberry
I was very impressed with Ron. He and the fellow that came with him were on time (with a phone call first to say they were on the way). He was polite, knowledgeable, and honest. He addressed the problem and did not try to sell me unnecessary treatments or "fixes." I would definitely recommend this company.
Judy S.
"Recently we used these guys to clean our carpets and we were extremely satisfied with the quality of work as well as the price. We also had them inspect the AC duct system and due to massive dust and mold accumulation we decided to change them out. We could not have made a better decision. They did the work professionally, at a great price and in a timely manner."
Nick Farhi
"Good work, really pleasant and great quality of service, but the thing that makes this such a good place is customer service. All of the people are incredibly helpful and generous with their time and advice. Thanks Donald Duct and Steam for the quality of your Air duct cleaning service i'm really happy and impressed i will come back again that's certain."
Bahaeddine Ghouma
Called to have the air ducts in our home, that is almost 50 years old, cleaned. Was told we needed to replace them because of mold/mildew. So we did. The job took about 5 hours. They replaced all of the ducts and the plenum. They even cleaned up the vents that they could salvage and replaced the ones that needed replacing. They got rid of the all the mold/mildew that was on the ceiling around the vents. And in the master bedroom, the room that is coldest in the winter and the hottest in the summer, they fixed that problem as well by adding some kind of junction box – not exactly sure what they did – but they fixed it! What a difference with the air flow to that bedroom. Before we did this there was no airflow to this room, but now … I don’t have to use a heater or an extra fan at night. I could not be more happy with this company!!! Thanks guys!
Christi Lyle,Pasadena, TX
I’ve been having problems getting my clothes dried for a while now, and I finally got someone to come out to take a look at my dryer vents. I made an appointment with Donald duct & steam, and they came out the same day. 2014-03-11 Susan Collins Bellaire, Tx Excellent Work and Reasonable prices. These guys are cool and very professional. A+++++++ 2016-04-19
James Smith Houston, Tx
Outstanding service. Donald duct & steam really knows what they are doing. We recently purchased a home in which the previous owners had several cats. You wouldn’t believe the amount of cat hair and other stuff they pulled out of our air ducts! Hig…
Daniel Anthony Houston, Tx

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