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You care for your home. You run a tight ship. You take care of business. But never forget that nature has a mind of her own.
Flooding is always unexpected and even the most prepared home owners can find themselves at a loss when water invades their homes. Flooding and torrential downpours can wreak havoc and cause all kinds of water damage Katy, where is particularly vulnerable given its coastal location.
The good new is, when it comes to water damage, Katy has an ally they can count on for help! Water Damage Restoration Katy is here for the community’s needs, restoring your home and property to the condition you want.

The hidden dangers of water damage Katy
The team at Katy Water Damage Restoration Katy realizes that ruined furniture, siding, flooring and drywall are just superficial damages that, while frustrating and potentially costly, don’t pose any real hazard to your or your family.
The greater danger of flood and water damage Katy lies out of sight, beneath floorboards or behind cabinets. The folks at Katy Water Damage Restoration know that black mold is a serious problem that feeds on wood and moisture. It can stay hidden for months or years, slowly damaging the heath safety of your family. Children are especially at risk of the long-term effects of black mold from water damage. Katy is lucky to have a team that knows what to do about it.
Water Damage Restoration Katy knows where to look for black mold cause by water damage. Katy is located in a very damp climate, which is extremely susceptible to mold. That’s why your team at Water Damage Katy is fully trained to eliminate the threat.

The Water Damage Katy Team
The experienced team at Water Damage Katy can help you pinpoint the water and mold damage that put your home at risk and deteriorate your quality of life. Whether natural events like flooding and rain or in-house accidents such as busted pipes and leaking water fixtures like tubs, sinks and washers, we have the knowledge and experience to help you solve your problems and repair the damage.

Why choose our Water Damage Restoration Katy?
Our company has worked hard to make a reputation for ourselves in Katy and surrounding cities. We’ve earned our good reputation by delivering quality results time and again. And we take care to fix your problems while respecting your home and family not only with friendly service, but by never overcharging and always providing the service you request for the price you agree to.

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