For several years we have strive to provide the cleanest indoor air quality to thousands of homes all over Houston and its surrounding areas! But that is not enough…

Here at Donald Duct & Steam, doing our part to protect and maintain our environment is just as important. Donald Duct & Steam prides itself in keeping our planet safe for our future generations. So we have restructured our cleaning methods to every possible way, from our green chemicals to our products to our training to ensure our planet stays green!! Most importantly, we strive to secure a safe and sanitary living environment for you and your family to abide in. If we can all endeavor to become clean and reduce energy consumption, we can be happy to know that we are all doing our part together.
Furthermore, if you are noticing and increase of colds, allergies, asthma/bronchial flare-ups or even something as simple as never-ending dust collection, it is time for an air duct and carpet cleaning for your home or business.



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CARPET CLEANING SERVICE Coupon Price: $89 Up To 3 Rooms, $119 Up To 5 Rooms, $149 Up to 7 Rooms, Plus FREE Deodorizer