Donald Duct and Steam is an expert company in air duct and carpet cleaning services, using state of the art equipment for best cleaning results. All of our services are backed up with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are proud to give Houston and its surrounding areas great value Air Duct Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration services.

Below are some of the Services provided by Donald Duct & Steam:

Experts in air duct cleaning & repairs as part of our service which includes broken seals, holes, air leaks and other issues.

If your dryer takes longer then 35-40 minutes, or you haven’t had your dryer vent cleaned in a while, you are overdue.

We provide top of the line carpet cleaning methods and our truck mounted systems ensure the best professional carpet cleaning available.

Electrostatic Air Filters clean the air by using static electricity, a safe, naturally occurring phenomenon.

Every two years or so, a rug should be washed as routine maintenance. If it is that time call us & we’ll get them cleaned for you.

Through innovative, safe and environmentally friendly technologies, this UV system cleanses your breathing air – and for only pennies a day!

Our certified water restoration technicians can handle any type of flood damage & we’ll educate you about preventing future damage.

Extend the life of your furniture and bring back its original beauty with upholstery cleaning services by the PRO’s.


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